Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I Will Not Miss About Being Pregnant

As of today I have been pregnant for 36 weeks. By my calculations, that's about 9 months already. And I have a few more left to go. Let's just say I have really gotten the full pregnancy experience, and as I look toward the light at the end of that tunnel (hooray! Almost done!), I want to remember the things that make this time of life... unique. Interesting. Unbearable, if you will.

I will NOT miss:

Feeling the waves of nausea every. single. day. Yes, it has gotten better as the pregnancy has gone on, but I still have an underlying feeling of nausea. Every. Single. Day. There are fun retching sounds that accompany this one but I will spare you the details.

The Hugeness. It's getting past the point of ridiculousness now. I am way bigger than I was with any of my other pregnancies, and as I waddle around and shift and adjust in my seat to try to reach some semblance of comfortable, I almost have to just laugh or cry at my plight. There really is nothing to do except lay on my side whenever I possibly can. And even then I turn into a beached whale. So pathetic.

The Insomnia. Now, I happen to be fairly practiced at this one, having dealt with it for a few years now. But, the thing that makes it worse in pregnancy is that I start out with a higher need for banked hours of sleep, so when I find myself wandering around the house at 2 a.m. (as I am at this very moment, in fact) I am sad because I know I will be even more tired tomorrow (today) because I just can't ever catch up. and my body needs more sleep than it normally does! And it's getting less! The brain dead-ness is starting to make more sense.

The Heartburn. Let's just say, it doesn't get better as the pregnancy goes on. It used to only be a problem for me at night, and now I find myself reaching for the Zantac as soon as breakfast is over. Will I ever be able to eat normally and just enjoy my food ever again?!

The Swelling. My normally skinny hands and feet have turned into sausages. My wedding ring is so tight it makes me claustrophobic, and I am down to two pairs of flip flops that I can comfortably wear. Yes, even to church. I am at that point.

The sinus issues. Does anyone else get this one? I have been constantly stuffed up for months now. I just want to be able to breathe normally!

OK, I guess that's enough whining for now. I really am looking forward to meeting this little guy. I am sure he will be adorable and that I will instantly fall in love, as I have 3 times previously. Growing a person inside your body may not be an easy experience, but it sure is worth it! A true miracle. The biggest miracle of this life, probably. And I get to be a part of it. Lucky me.


Suzanne said...

Oh, I feel your pain -- even the sinuses. With Abby, I lost 35 pounds in the hospital -- 10 pounds 14oz of baby and the rest, all the stuff keeping me up at night and keeping my shoes from fitting and .... So sorry for the discomfort. Good thing you make such amazing kids!

amyg @ My 3 Monsters said...

Oh, Cynthia! You are a better woman than I. Good luck and hang in there! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Amy said...

Cynthia...I feel your pain. I was an absolute giant with this last baby. A giant. People could barely look me in the eye. I also get the stuffy nose and it goes away immediately when the baby is born. You are almost there! I am happy for you and I hope he comes just a little bit early. I can't wait to see pictures. Love, Cousin Amy

Cynthia said...

Thanks for all your support, ladies! Nothing means more than love from people who have been there firsthand. Almost there!!

Suzanne said...

Just worried about you. This is such a hard time. You can do it. It will be okay! Just hang in there. Watch movies. Munch Tums. If you can stand chocolate, knock yourself out. Please know you are surrounded by people who care about you and how you're doing. Sure wish there were an easier way to do this .....

julianna said...

i am so sorry. pregnancy REALLY stinks. i am so glad that you are almost done. come play on Wednesday to help pass at least one day. :0)

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