Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Um, Just Kidding

I have been meaning to post this for awhile, but it just made me too--not sad, but disappointed I guess would be the word. Well, and for awhile surprised too.

We found out we are actually having a BOY!

Yes, the doctor made the wrong diagnosis when he "took a peek." When I went in for my "real" ultrasound a month later, where they take all the measurements and stuff, the lady told us our soon-to-be-born child is, indeed, a boy.

Olivia cried.

I must admit, I cried too (just for a minute) when I realized Olivia won't be getting a sister. You see, I have three sisters and as adults, we are all very close. A sister is a life-long friend, and I really wanted Olivia to experience that.

Instead, she will be the Princess. The Boss. Mom's Shopping Buddy and Pedicure Pal. She Who Posesses Her Own, Unshared Bedroom. The second mother to, yes, a bunch of stinky boys.

Once Caleb turns eight in just over a year, we will have FIFTEEN uninterrupted years of Scouts. I better get used to being called den mother.

The boys are excited. Caleb and Ben get bunk beds, and they will have their own (stinky, dirty, smelly) boys' clubhouse, a.k.a. bedroom.

It will be fun. And this little boy is going to be well-loved. It just pulls on my heartstrings a bit to know I won't be buying any more tiny little pink outfits or itty-bitty hairbows. Because those things are so cute. And yes, I KNOW because let me tell ya, this old mare is barely getting through this pregnancy. Chances are slim to none that I am ever doing this again. It is a truth of pregnancy that it gets harder every time. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just really, really excited to only have a few (six!) weeks left, and then NEVER be pregnant again.

Now we just need to think of a name. We already used up our top boy names, we need to start thinking about this sometime soon.


Suzanne said...

YAEY! How Father must trust you to raise three boys in a world with so few good men! Lucky little man! YAEY! As a Mom to three stinking boys in a row, I can tell you with confidence that you will have a blast(and all the boys share the same locker...uh They will have a blast and Olivia might not have been as fond of sharing the throne room with another princess as she (or you) may imagine. Lydia has a definite love/hate thing with the situation. I vote for the name Jared -- then you can have two brothers of Jared -- Plus, thinking about #5 when you're in the last trimester with number 4...BIG MISTAKE! -- I would have bet the farm that we were done after Lydia. All we owned or might someday own, and here we are with five and I still puddle up with gratitude. (And I'm a really old lady.) You do it right. Regardless, what number you end up with, it will be a cause for celebration and you will be happy because that's who you are. I'M DELIGHTED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome baby boy.

Drewmeister said...

Several years ago there were several women in my ward who were told by the same tech that they were all having boys, and all had girls. I'm wondering if that tech was eventually fired...

I totally relate to the closeness between sisters that Olivia will miss out on, but there are other things that will be to her advantage (like no sharing rooms).

Amy O said...

I know this is a little random because I'm in the other MP ward, but I saw this and want to let you know I'm in the same boat. I had 2 boys and one girl and it was so sad to find out that our new baby was to be a boy. I love boys, but there is just something so special about having a sister. I am one of 3 sisters and it's been a blessing to me to have them. I really have struggled with wondering if we should have another, just to try and get her a sister. But what if we had another boy!! :)haha I'm now just great with 3 crazy boys and a princess. I really feel a special bond with my daughter and know it will be ok if she doesn't have a sister. Sad to hear about the mix-up with the ultrasound. That would be a little tough to accept the change, especially for your daughter.

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