Saturday, February 5, 2011

Think Pink

I went to a regular ol' OB check-up this week and my dr. asked me when my ultrasound was going to be. When I told him it wasn't scheduled for another month (the ultrasound tech is only in once a week, so she gets booked up fast), he offered to take a peek and see if we could tell the sex. I was 18.5 weeks so he was pretty confident he could tell.

Well guess what... it's a GIRL!

I felt a little weird not having Erik there for the big announcement but hey, it's our fourth kid. By that point in life you may just get a voicemail message telling you you're going to have a daughter. And that's OK.... right? Anyway, he seemed alright with it. He even told me he would have been upset if I had waited to find out just because he wasn't there. He's not big on secrets, as you can tell.

Can you guess how Olivia felt about it when she heard the news?

"Finally, a sister!" She and I went out to Target that night and bought a cute baby girl outfit. It was a symbolic girl bonding gesture. We also got that cute rainbow shirt for Liv.

I am 19 weeks, so I'm thinking the dr. could tell pretty accurately. But part of me wanted to wait until the "real" ultrasound to make sure before announcing it to the kids and the world.

Erik's comment? "If it does turn out to be wrong, it would be a good lesson in statistics for the kids. We could teach them all about false positives and specificities." No, I'm not making that up. I needed to write that down so I could remember what he said in years to come. Because I love him, I feel it is my duty to mock him when he makes comments like that.

So we're pretty excited around here. Two and two, it seems like a good balanced number. And honestly, I was not looking forward to hearing "All I got was 3 stinky little brothers!" for the rest of my life. Which, let's be honest, we would.


Suzanne said...

YAEY! Olivia is absolutely stunning. What lovely girls you make. If you go for five, you could still hear, "I've got three stinkin' brothers." But let's not go there....So happy for you!

Drewmeister said...


Alexandria said...

Yeah! Girl baby clothes are so, so cute. I am happy for you. Cousin Amy

My Cute Baby Team said...

Cute! Although my cousin had the baby gender switcheroo on her in week 38! (From girl to boy) I was so worried that was going to happen to me, but I had my little girl. (She's the one in the photo.)

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