Friday, January 28, 2011

Button Letter Craft Project

Because it's Friday and I'm desperately avoiding planning my part of the RS lesson for Sunday, I decided to finally frame and document a craft I recently completed. It's a letter made out of buttons for the wall. I saw this on a blog once but couldn't for the life of me find it by the time I decided to make it myself.

I made one for my brother's family for Christmas (different letter, different color buttons--didn't take a picture of course) and finally finished the one for my own house.

I even took pictures along the way because I am wacko that way. And so Tracy can pass it along to someone to teach at the Super Saturday if they decide to include it. I will be pleading the 8th month excuse by then.
It's super easy; I didn't need so many pictures, but it was actually kind of fun to photo-document a project. First you go into Word, type whatever letter you want in whatever font you want, and make it really big.
Next you either tape it to the window with a blank sheet of cardstock over it (so you can see through the first sheet) or use one of these:
Put a blank piece of cardstock (it has to be a heavy paper) on top of the letter like so:

And trace lightly around the outside edge.

Next, grab a bunch of buttons of varying sizes. I used all the same color but you could use a variety if you wanted.

Next get some glue. This was my first time using this type of glue and ironically I would not recommend it for this project. It is way too strong and you can't adjust a button once you've placed it. I wanted to use hot glue but was fresh out of glue sticks.

Next place your buttons within the outline you traced. Alternate using large and smaller buttons, and move things around until they fit the way you like. Make sure you have several small buttons to fill in the little gaps.

Next, take a few buttons off at a time, erase the pencil lines for that area, and glue the buttons down. Repeat one small section at a time. If you try to do too many at once you will forget how you placed the buttons.
Next get one of these awesome frames. You can adjust the depth of the space between your paper and the glass for 3D projects.

And, voila! Here is the finished product. I'm not totally happy with the slant on the top but it's fine for the family room, right? I think it turned out cute!


amyg @ My 3 Monsters said...

Super cute!!! I love it.

Suzanne said...

Love it!! Couldn't be better.

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